Pearl is a tiny mermaid with big dreams and shows that even small

dreamers can reach for the stars!

Goal setting is difficult to teach, but is an important concept for preschoolers to learn. Amber Heaton wonderfully illustrates how important it is to dream big! With the help of Pearl's new friend, the two work together and reach their goal.


This is a lovely book for young children! It takes them on an adventure and teaches them how exciting it can be to meet new friends and be in a new home. The main character doesn't give up on her goal and her new friend adds encouraging strength. The illustrations are precious and delightful! This is a wonderful book for beginning readers!

    Nancy Hart, Assistant Professor Illustration/Medical Illustration

Kendall College of Art & Design

My children and I read the story last night! We loved it! It was a super cute story and the illustrations are amazing!! We loved it and can't wait to buy it!  

Heather McMahan, BEEd

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